My Prescription Medicine Program

  • How Do I Obtain Prescription Medications after an Injury? - Short term prescription medication is an integral part of many medical treatment plans and can assist in your recovery following a work-related injury or illness. Medication prescriptions are written by your treating doctor and can be filled at your local pharmacy, with no cost to you. Be sure your doctor is aware of other medications that you are taking to ensure your well being and safety.
  • Find a Local Pharmacy - Our convenient pharmacy network has over 58,000 pharmacies, including most major chains. Please ask your Travelers claim representative for more information. Note: In California all prescription medication must be obtained through one of the convenient network pharmacies.
  • Prescription Fill Form - This form will help the pharmacy to fill your prescription as quickly as possible and ease the process for obtaining your medications. It is available in both English and Spanish.
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  • Home Delivery of Prescription Medication - To determine your eligibility for convenient home delivery of your medication, please contact your Travelers claim representative.